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Welcome to, the original male enhancement review site where we've helped thousands of  men sift through the mountains of information on penis enlargement available today. After almost a decade online, we've "freshened" our look, but our goal is the same - to provide men with honest information and reviews on products guaranteed to make a difference in their lives.

By now you've seen the many sites out there, many with outrageous claims, and you're probably wondering, "do they really work?" The fact is some don't work - but the top products are clinically proven to consistently produce amazing results. We have reviews on penis enlargement pills, patches, exercises, and devices - all designed to help save you time and money. We've spent years compiling extensive reviews of the top pills available today, as well as information on how they work, ingredients, prices, and much more.

The fact is that - as in many other areas - medical science has made some amazing breakthroughs, and male enhancement is no exception! Another fact is an overwhelming majority of women admit they wish their lover had a larger penis. Now that the top rated penis pills make it possible for men to increase their size dramatically, why wouldn't you want to take advantage of these new medical breakthroughs? We'll show you how to do just that!

Don't be fooled by the many new "Product Comparison" sites popping up daily. Most of these imitators have been around for only a couple of months and will be gone just as quickly. Many are actually owned by the same company as the the products they are recommending. Not very honest! We are proudly 100% independent and do not sell or manufacture any of the products mentioned on this site. This allows us to review and recommend products without any interference or bias.

Several of the 'new' review sites have copied most of their information off of this very site, which we'll take as a compliment. If you have any doubts about a website, we recommend you do a WHOIS search to see who owns it and how long they've really been around. Often you'll be quite surprised! Many sites claim to  "...have been reviewing penis enlargement pills for years...", when in fact they've only been in existence for a few months! has been around since the beginning and we'll tell you the pills proven to work, the pills with the quickest gains, and which penis enlargement products offer the best value for your money. We rate the penis enlargement pills on the following:

Performance - which pills will produce permanent gains?

Speed - how long will it take to achieve maximum results?

Support - do they stand behind their product?

Bonuses - any free gifts or special offers with purchase.

Guarantee - do they back their product with an Unconditional Guarantee?

Safety - are the ingredients effective and proven to be safe?

In today's tough economic time, we know that men don't want to waste their time or money with products that don't live up to their claims. That's why despite reviewing hundreds of male enhancement products, we only recommend about a dozen penis enlargement pills - because they are the ones that produce the most dramatic results, and offer the best value for your money.

It's taken several years, but we are proud to have penis pill comparisons and reviews of well over 100 penis enlargement pills and male enhancement products on this site. We provide information and comparisons on all the top penis enlargement pills, penis patches, penis devices, and semen volume supplements. For a full list of all the top penis pills, see the top 12 products compared in our penis pill review. Below is our short list of the products which offer the most dramatic results and best value.

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prexil rated number 2 male enhancement pill

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Penis Pill Comparison - Overview

Penis enlargement pills have been around for almost a decade now, and continue to increase in popularity every year. As these natural herbal formulas have improved and become more effective over the years, even the medical community has come to acknowledge that these products can be extremely effective. Many drugs like Levitra and Viagra do not work for a significant percentage of men, and even when they do work, they can have very negative side effects.

Increasingly, men are turning to herbal male supplements which are often more effective and much safer than their pharmaceutical counterparts. Supplements like VigRX Plus and Prosolution pills use strong herbal medicines used for centuries to improve erectile function, improve stamina, delay ejaculation, and provide firmer, longer lasting erections with more intense orgasms.

Medical knowledge and technology have improved male supplements to the point where men need not suffer anymore from poor erectile function, premature ejaculation, or small penis size. We encourage you to learn more about these products and the benefits they provide. Find out how you can start enjoying the sex life you deserve, and sexual performance like you've always dreamed of. For more information about penis enlargement pills and reviews of the top 12 enlargement pills, see our full penis pill comparison.

We only recommend products that are proven beyond a doubt to work. Not only that, but to earn a recommendation as a trusted company our top picks must all offer "no questions asked" money back guarantees - and have a proven record of honoring their guarantee. This allows you to experience the fantastic results that are possible, with absolutely no financial risk. You have nothing to lose - and everything to gain!

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Our #1 Choice for Permanent Results

VigRX Plus Penis Enhancement Capsules

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Rated #1 in Customer Satisfaction.

Comments: Outstanding sexual enhancement product. VigRX Plus is a natural herbal penile enhancement formula designed by Albion Medical, that works to increase penis size, improve sexual health, and provide harder, longer lasting erections.

order vigrxplus now Cost: $76.99 *(only $40.85 per box with discounts!) Guarantee: 67 Days

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semenax is highly recommended

New Semenax Semen Volume Capsules

From Albion Medical

Rated #1 for increased semen

production and stronger orgasms!

Comments: Outstanding sexual enhancement product. Semenax is a natural herbal male enhancement formula designed by Albion Medical for stronger orgasms, powerful ejaculations, and increased semen volume - usually by about 500%.

Cost: $59.95 *(only $33.33 per bottle with discounts!) Guarantee: 67 Days

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Male Enhancement Review - News for
Sales of Herbal Erection Enhancers Soar
(AP) - Sales of male supplement VigRX Plus have increased dramatically since clinical studies have proven the herbal capsules effectively increase erection size and eliminate erectile dysfunction...
Study of semen supplements released
Clinical studies have shown that potent semen enhancers like Semenax have a dramatic effect on sperm health and semen production. Although men experience a natural drop in semen production as they age, supplements like Semenax can increase semen volume by up to 500% in a matter of weeks...
Low female sex drive 
Help for women suffering from low female sex drive is on the way as new HSDD treatments are now on the market. While men have had drugs like Viagra for years, help for women suffering from HSDD (hypoactive sexual desire disorder) has been sadly lacking - until now, that is...
Volumaxx pills have been around for a few years and have proven to be one of the best semen volume pills money can buy. Read this volumaxx review to see why millions of men have picked Vimax as their solution for bigger cum loads.
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Although erectile dysfunction gets most of the headlines, early or premature ejaculation (PE) is actually the most common form of male sexual dysfunction. Help for men who climax too soon is finally available, as products to cure premature ejaculation are now on the market. Clinical studies indicate men can delay their ejaculation by an average of 6-12 minutes...
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Is your lady suffering from low female libido or decreased sex drive? Femestril is a brand new product which has redefined female enhancement. Increase female libido naturally and safely with Femestril. Try Femestril risk free for 60 days and see how quickly it helps restore libido and make her crave sex again!