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Ron Jeremy's Penis - A little "extra" help from VigRX!

Ron Jeremy + VigRX Plus = 10 inches!!

Ron Jeremy, possibly the most famous adult film star of all time, is a man who needs no introduction. Ron Jeremy is one of the best known porn studs of all time. He's a mustachioed and portly guy whose fun-loving nature comes through in every leering glance, a man who is affectionately known as "The Hedgehog" due to the amount of hair on his back!

Ron will be the first guy to tell you he's not the best-looking guy to ever sex it up for the cameras, but his dogged persistence and reliable tool have kept him busy for almost thirty years. He's long since fulfilled his goal of appearing in 1000 porno flicks, and has now appeared in over 1700 adult films! Watch the video below to see why Ron Jeremy loves - and the "secret" that's helped him "keep it up" all these years!

How has he done it? Well, he'll be the first to admit it's not his great looks - It's actually due to his massive 10-inch penis! That's right, you heard correctly.
10 inches!! Was it a gift from god? Not really - Ron has finally let the world in on his 'little secret'. He's been taking VigRX for years, and has seen his penis grow from a respectable 7 inches to the 10 inch monster it is today. The best part you can do it too! We encourage you to learn more about VigRX and VigRX Plus, and see how your life will be changed forever!

We've had the pleasure of having dinner with Ron, and he now openly admits to using VigRX pills for years, and most recently, the new and improved vigrx plus and ron jeremy and me VigRX Plus. "Male enhancement products are so mainstream today, most adult film stars have no problem confessing to using sexual enhancers", says Ron. "Most guys probably already figured out that a guy would need some extra help to "keep it up" that long, and VigRX certainly helped add extra size to my penis - and I know for a fact that it makes me last longer!"

According to Ron, he's used VigRX for "a number of years", and was also involved as a test subject when VigRX Plus was being developed for release in early 2007. He now uses VigRX Plus as it is even more potent than it's predecessor, VigRX. Ron has also admitted to using several different semen volume enhancers over the years, most notably Semenax, which has been around for a few years now and used by several male porn stars to help them produce the huge semen loads they need.

"I've loved using the Semenax pills, as my load size was declining as I got older, even though I'm a porn star and used to a lot of sex. I would say Semenax probably tripled or quadrupled my sperm load - and I've always had a pretty good load size. The orgasms are so strong it's amazing - I definitely encourage guys to try these products if they want to see what it's like to perform like a porn star!"

VigRX Plus worked for Ron - and it will work for YOU too!!

Previously, sexual enhancers like VigRX were available to only a few select 'insiders' in the sex industry, but are now in the mainstream and affordable for any guy who wants better sex, and to improve his sexual performance and vitality. Don't wait any longer - find out what the porn stars already know - VigRX works!

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